Citizen Reporting App SeeClickFix Raises $1.5 Million

SeeClickFix LogoWhen you see a pothole on the way to your office or maybe some profane graffiti outside your apartment building, do you ever take the time to call your town office? Of course not, because you have to sit through a 4 minute long touch tone automated message just to get to a voicemail prompt. If you do anything, you may  just voice your opinions on Twitter in hopes of rallying your followers. Now there is an app for that, and the company behind the app has just raised another $1.5 million to make sure your voice gets heard.

New Haven, Connecticut based SeeClickFix has recently raised a $1.5 million series A round led by Bryce Roberts of O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV). Roberts also just led RunKeeper’s $1.11 million round back in November.

SeeClickFix was founded by Ben Berkowitz as a way to flag a place on a map for non-emergency issues. The team has bootstrapped the company since its founding in 2008, only winning a $25k business plan competition and locking down a small angel round in October 2009. Since then the site has logged tens of thousands of reports and partnered with websites such as The Washington Post,, and more.

“SeeClickFix has grown faster than we could have imagined and the platform’s ability to connect neighbors and resolve local problems is benefitting communities of all socio-economic backgrounds across the United States as well as some locations internationally,” said SeeClickFix founder and CEO Ben Berkowitz.”In the past year, SeeClickFix has seen more and more governments adopting the citizen platform as their primary online engagement tool. The funding provided by OATV and Omidyar Network will enable us to continue to capture the market we are helping to create. Capital will be used to enhance the existing SeeClickFix smartphone and web platforms as well as increase sales and support to our current and future media partners, government clients and users.”

SeeClickFix has a powerful API and displays a lot of their data directly on the website. Check out the screen shot below of my search for Boston.

In addition to SeeClickFix, Boston does have it’s own iPhone app that lets citizens report on the physical state of the city – Citizens Connect. Crowd sourcing the city’s physical condition and using sophisticated technology to report on it can save a lot of valuable time and money for public departments.

To learn more about SeeClickFix, be sure to follow them on Twitter @SeeClickFix.

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